News from UNIWELL

1. Introduction of a new production line

Our new production line is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic and third in Europe.

We changed the process of cooling products made of plastic. This production line doesn't need any water to function instead, it utilizes cool air (2℃). Thanks to this procedure, the whole manufacturing process got streamlined and the quality of products has increased. We work hard on increasing the quality of our products to meet the high demands of our customers such as BMW or Daimler. By purchasing this production line worth 9 125 000 Kč we created 12 new job opportunities.

The production line was manufactured in Germany and holds impressive dimensions of 15 x 5 x 3 meters.


2. Photovoltaic power plant, phase one

We plan on continuing with our plans to make energy savings wherever possible, partially thanks to our new photovoltaic power plant. We acquired subsidies from a program "OPPIK-3.2-úspory energií". Our plans include constructing a 100 kWp power plant with a yearly production of 98 MWh. Thanks to this we will be able to save the same amount of electricity that equals to the usage of 10 average households. It will also help us reduce our CO2 emission by 115 tuns per year. The investment cost is 2 950 000 Kč.



  • 1990 foundation of the company Uniwell Wellrohre GmbH by mr. Helmuth Fischer
  • 1997 construction begins on manufacturing plant in Ebern, Germany
  • 2000 manufacturing plant in Etzbach, Germany begins construction
  • 2001 our plant in Ebern undergoes expansion
  • 2002 establishment of manufacturing plant in Zdíkov, Czech Republic
  • 2011 Ebern plant undergoes its second expansion
  • 2013 construction of building B3 in Zdíkov
  • 2014 expansion of Zdíkov manufacturing plant by halls CZ10, CZ11, and a completely new administratory building

Zdíkov branch:

  • founded in 2002
  • Uniwell Holding GmbH holds 75% share, Zdeněk Albrech 25% share
  • number of employees is between 180–200 people
  • managing director is Zdeněk Albrecht

What we do:

  • manufacturing - Fluidsysteme, Kabelschutzsysteme
  • thermoforming
  • assembly
  • designing -> manufacturing -> storage -> sale

We produce more than 15 million products per year on average.